about us

About Us

Pikes Peak MyEstateManager LLC (DBA ThePROvisionNetwork) was founded in 2009 to simplify the experience before, during, and after a death — saving grief, time, and money. The company is based in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Co-founders Dan Murphy and Hank Carabelli had each faced this challenge alone and unprepared, as most people do. They decided to combine their business backgrounds to benefit others in the same situation.

The company's suite of products deliver life-transition resources for clients of trusted advisors such as attorneys, CPAs and financial planners as well as non-profit and faith-based organizations and media properties with obituaries (online and offline newspapers).

Result: online resources for families to plan, prepare for, and manage the loss of a loved one. MyEstateManager™, EstateManagerPRO™, CharitableGivingPRO™, and VideoBusinessCardPRO™ leverage the four most powerful dynamics in today's society:

  • the internet
  • the graying of the massive Baby Boomer generation
  • the use of "word of mouth" and "referral networking"
  • the use of technology to deliver interactive, transactionable content

Keeping It Simple

MyEstateManager introduces a step-by-step guide that ensures nothing is forgotten, and things get done right. We address the critical phases of dealing with estates: advance planning, funeral services and preparation for probate to name a few - saving families thousands of dollars and many months of time.

Our nationwide Service Partner Network and general provider listings takes the uncertainty out of answering the question asked thousands of times throughout the process: "Who do I call?" MyEstateManager unites credentialed leaders in nearly 20 professions that are often needed: funeral homes, attorneys, financial advisors, retirement communities, even personal assistants.

Trusted Advisor

Few things are as draining as suddenly facing becoming an expert on the complexities of estates. MyEstateManager is the equivalent of finding one instead. We guide you through the process, asking the many questions and ready with the answers no one likes to think about, or face alone. You aren't alone; we are here to help.