my personal administrator

Saves Time, Money & the Trauma of Going it Alone

Working with this site helps keep people in control through life's toughest transitions. Still for many, turning things over to someone who knows what to do, and when and how to do it, proves even simpler. In such cases, we recommend a service like MyPersonalAdministrator by FamilyMattersUSA, a company separate from The PROvision Network, that has provided personalized transition management since 2003.

Transitioning estates can easily take 8 to 12 months, draining 300+ hours of someone's time. With MyPersonalAdministrator, dedicated professionals can help speed the process to a matter of weeks, unearth valuable assets and save money in probate and professional fees.

For a low fixed cost payable by an estate, a caring and experienced administrator brings order to the process of dealing with death or a move to senior housing. We develop a customized plan for each individual situation, then perform the research, legwork, communication and documentation needed to speed and simplify major life transitions. A range of services is available starting with a Basic Essentials Package at $100 to Full Service Packages starting at $1,200.

What We Do

The Personal Administrator begins by conducting a comprehensive live interview to assess and prioritize more than 130 tasks that might need handling. We then take on as much of the work as the client wishes, acting as their agent and reporting on hundreds of tasks and details from locating assets to having the dentist stop sending now-painful reminder cards.

Our estate and transition management services can be provided before, during or after major transitions. These services include:

  • Estate valuation & asset location
  • Property documentation and organization
  • Dealing with banks, medical facilities, creditors & insurance companies
  • Thorough preparation for probate
  • Cancellation or changes to leases, utilities, policies, memberships & subscriptions
  • Obtaining refunds and other monies owed
  • Distributing death certificates as needed
  • Preparing families to meet with funeral directors and probate attorneys

Time is Money

Throughout transition planning and estate settlement, the Personal Administrator records relevant data into one invaluable volume. Documenting assets, accounts, contacts, tasks performed and timelines, the report becomes the cornerstone of dealing with creditors, insurance companies, attorneys and other professionals. Having this information already prepared reduces additional costs.

Every Case is Different

In times of transition, endless details and decisions fall to those simultaneously trying to manage their own lives. A Personal Administrator both leads and takes their lead from clients, tailoring communications to suit individual schedules and preferences - weekly, daily, by phone, by email, etc.

Providing Peace of Mind

With costs agreed upon upfront and no unpleasant surprises down the line, turning things over to a Personal Administrator reduces stress, expense, and the emotional strain of dealing with the transition alone.

For a free custom assessment of your particular needs, call us now: 1-866-488-1728 (toll free)