We "introduce" qualified, trusted businesses that play key roles in estate planning and administration to end users at their time of need. This is accomplished in two related, but different ways:

  • Presentation of a local Service Partner's Digital Business Card as a response to a Search (visit SPN Enrollment for more information)
  • Advertising by regional or national firms adjacent to related Topics or other Landing Pages
Both are highly effective in matching your company's Brand message to the right audience at the right time. Advertising on this site is distinct, if not unique, from the pop ups and banner ads typically associated with Internet marketing. The timing and placement of your message yield the difference. See samples here.

Sample Ad placement #1: Contiguous to Topic
Sample Ad placement #2: Contiguous to Landing Page


Our Advertisers , their products and their message, have relevancy to the needs of our targeted demographic. Consequently, end users view advertising on our site as "part of the problem solving process" instead of an annoying distraction.

Space is limited, and designed to be that way. It's all about creating a fulfilling experience for our end users. Contact us for more information today.