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The Archdiocesan Catholic Cemeteries

Holy Sepulchre
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    Cemetery Services

The Archdiocesan Catholic Cemeteries, Holy Sepulchre, is an extension of the Catholic Church which ministers to the faithful at significant moments in their lives - primarily the moment of death of a loved one. All services, available to the families and friends of the loved one, are designed to emulate the comfort and compassion of Jesus. Our ministries are rooted in a firm belief in the sacredness of human life.
- Holy Sepulchre is on 350 acres
- Large interior Mausoleum contains glass, bronze, and marble front niches
- Garden Mausoleum with granite niches
- Free standing cremation garden
- Large 12-grave family estate monuments
- Monument cemetery
- 2 grave monument lots
- Large mausoleum contains crypts, niches and private rooms

Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services (CFCS) is a non-profit organization founded in faith and dedicated to providing education, support and resources during life’s most difficult moments. We exert every effort to enable individuals to achieve their final wishes, and empower families to make thoroughly informed decisions.
We are devoted to earning your trust as your reliable resource for today and tomorrow—at all times guided by unique spiritual beliefs, cultural traditions and financial preferences.

A Complete Resource For End-Of-Life Services
End-of-life services are mystifying to most people. As a ministry of the Archdiocese of Detroit, CFCS simplifies this process by providing information that families can understand on their own terms. We readily provide information about all service providers so that you can ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. CFCS is your trusted resource, serving the community with a knowledgeable and compassionate staff.

FAMILY FIRST: The loss of a loved one is always difficult. Celebrating the gift of that life with family and friends is an essential part of the healing process. We walk with you through this most difficult moment and ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

PERSONAL & CONVENIENT: With convenient locations and a welcoming staff of Family Service Counselors, we provide a warm environment for arrangements and services.

COMMUNITY BENEFITS: As a Ministry of the Archdiocese of Detroit, we have been a vital part of community life for than 100 years. We continue to give back to the community, balancing the needs of families today with the needs of the community tomorrow. We are committed to providing assistance to families in need, and no family is ever turned away.

Whether you are planning in advance or at a time of change, we help with caring options.
• Welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable staff
• Information, education and guidance
• Convenient locations
• Felixible and affordable alternatives
• People you can trust

The Benefits of Pre-Planning
Many of our families feel a tremendous sense of comfort when the funeral and cemetery arrangements are made in advance. They know that when the time comes, their loved ones will not have to hastily make decisions, often second-guessing what they thought you may have wanted. By making arrangements ahead of time, you will provide a better environment for your family to mourn your loss and to celebrate your life.
When it comes down to it, pre-planning is the smart thing to do. These are important decisions that require a lot of thought and consideration. The benefits of pre-planning are:

• Ensure your wishes are met
• No interest on payment plans
• Avoid costly decisions later
• Peace of mind for you, your spouse and family

Inspired by Christ's love, the quintessential act in fulfilling our mission is to educate and inform families, offering what guidance we can in helping them to make confident decisions. This is one of the greatest acts of love that one can bestow, given at a time when it is very much in need.

What is cremation?
Cremation is the reduction of the body of a deceased through a process that combines intense heat and evaporation.

What is the Church's position on Cremation?
Yes, in l963 the Catholic Church eliminated its prohibition against cremation. Cremation represents a means of disposition preferred by many. It is important to remember that cremated remains are still the body of the deceased, just in a different form. For this reason they should be treated with the same respect as the full body of the departed.

When should Cremation occur?
The preference is for cremation to occur following the funeral liturgy so that the body can be present for the vigil and funeral services. However, it is possible to have a funeral mass with the cremated remains present.

What is the proper handling of cremated remains?
The Church teaches that cremated remains should be kept together (not scattered) to respect the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and preferably interred in the consecrated grounds of a Catholic Cemetery. You may choose from a variety of burial options. A wide selection of personalized glass front and ornate marble cremation niches and burial sites are available.

Do you offer services to non-Catholics?
Yes, we are here to offer you guidance and support no matter what faith you belong to.

Can I be scattered?
The Church teaches that the cremated remains of the body be buried or entombed and receive the "Rite of Committal." Scattering the remains, keeping them at home, or dividing them among various family members is not the reverent disposition that the Church requires.

What are Remembrance Options?
We minister to the living by creating sacred places to memorialize your loved ones. We firmly believe that financial considerations should never stop one from creating a place of permanent remembrance. We provide free of charge, to people of all faiths, the dignified placement of the cremated remains in our Remembrance Crypt.