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Joseph Mitchiner, Attorney

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Wills * Trusts * Estate Planning * Asset Protection

First, a little about what we don't do. We don't just "do Wills" in the sense that most people think when they think of estate lawyers. In other words, we don't just meet for an hour to get twenty minutes worth of information to plug into a Will form and expect nothing else to happen until your death, hoping someone calls us to ask what to do with that Will so we can then charge a healthy fee to make "real money". No, we don't "do Wills" like that. Here's what we really do.

We actually help you plan your life, protect your assets and preserve your legacy for those people and organizations dear to you. We are in the business of relationships, not just transactions. We draft documents only after extensive questioning to make sure, first, that we're drafting the right kinds of documents and, no less importantly, that each document says the right thing to make sure your individual desires and intentions are met.

Joe's Professional Associations: Kingdom Advisors (a ministry of biblically principled financial professionals); Christian Legal Society; WealthCounsel (a national collaboration of estate planning attorneys); North Carolina Bar Association-Estate Planning & Fiduciary Law Section; Wake County Estate Planning Council; Wake County Bar Association.