Cambridge Advisors
808 Moorefield Park Drive Ste. 118
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Executive Directors
Charles Roberts &
W. Duke Grkovic

what we do
Investment Management * Legacy planning * Wealth Planning for Business Owners

What are your goals? What does success and fulfillment look like to you?

When you work with Cambridge Advisors, these questions become the primary focus of our discussions. Your future is viewed more in terms of goals and ambitions, and less in terms of numbers and symbols. This is part of a unique, pro-active approach to capitalize on your success.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially in our current economic climate. Minimizing capital loss is every bit as important as trying to capture as much of the market's upside performance as possible. The statistical likelihood of continued financial downfalls has become a reality. At Cambridge Advisors, we strive to position you in a way that will maximize the probability of success.

Cambridge Advisors has a significantly different definition of success—your net worth growing in harmony with your feeling of fulfillment. Together, we work towards that twofold goal. We will guide you beyond the basics of the bottom line to the achievement of greater aspirations and visions.

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