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Estate Planning • Probate Admin • Trust Administration
Business Planning and Org. •Real Estate • Estate Tax Planning
Income Tax Planning and Return Preparation

The Gunn Law Firm, P.C. is a St. Louis law firm that represents individuals and businesses in a variety of capacities and practice areas (many of which are indicated above).

Many of our clients are referred either by other lawyers or by current or past clients. We like to believe that fact speaks volumes about our competency and integrity in the fields in which we practice as that reputation has developed among our peers and clients. We take pride when former clients are sufficiently satisfied with our services to recommend us to their family and friends.

In addition to providing processional legal services, we believe attorneys should be active in the legal community. Our attorneys actively participate in attorney organizations, contribute to legal publications and speak to other lawyers and community groups about legal issues. In sum, our lawyers consciously work to create an environment beneficial to our clients and the profession.