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Step 2: arrange care for children, dependents, and pets

Take the time now to arrange for the immediate care of children, dependents, and pets. The coming days may be hectic, and it will be comforting to know they are in good hands. 

As you make these decisions, helpful information may be found in Dependents-General Info and Dependents-Specific info

Activity 1
Identify Immediate Care Required for Dependents

Each situation varies. Determine the particular needs of children, seniors, and other dependents such as pets.

  • For children, examine their daily schedules. Account for transportation to school or extracurricular activities. Take care to ensure that siblings are cared for together.
  • For seniors, consider transportation, medical, and dietary needs.

Activity 2
Determine Whether Children or Dependents Will Attend the Funeral

Temporary care will be necessary for the time surrounding the funeral if children and dependents do not attend. Ask family members for assistance in securing this care.

Best Practices

Consider the care of children or dependents that do attend the funeral. This may be an especially challenging time for them, and they may need to leave at some point. Be sure there is someone that they know and trust to be with them at all times. 

Activity 3
Arrange for Short-Term Care for Pets

Pet Information may contain helpful information.

Best Practices

It may be helpful to find temporary assistance in caring for pets during the funeral process. Neighbors, or nearby friends usually can assist.

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