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Step 3: arrange for care of the residence

Managing activity at the estate residence can feel overwhelming. Family and friends may be coming and going. Loved ones may call for updated information. Food, flowers, and packages may be delivered at any time. Enlisting the help of others will relieve some of the pressure to oversee these many details.

Consider having a family member or other trusted person answer phones and the door at the estate residence. These responsibilities may be shared. Assigning these activities ensures that there is always someone available to take calls and distribute information. This also provides an added measure of security for the residence.

Designate someone to accept deliveries as they arrive. Catalog items received and who provided them so thank you notes or other follow-up can occur.

Best Practices

If the estate is in a gated community, make the necessary arrangements with security to accommodate increased traffic caused by visitors. Provide security personnel with several points of contact.

If the home will be vacant during this time, consider asking law enforcement for additional patrols of the neighborhood. Enlist the help of the local neighborhood watch committee.

These days are physically and emotionally taxing. Take comfort in knowing that the actions you initiated now, while difficult, ease the necessary efforts in the weeks to come.

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