topic | first days after death

Step 1: identify the executor

Once the loved one has passed, it now becomes the responsibility of the executor, if one has been appointed, to administer the estate.

The following Topics deal with the various responsibilities that an executor is faced with to administer and close out the estateon behalf of the decedent.

Determine if an executor of the estate has been identified from the previous Topics, the Will, or from Personal Information. If the decedent died intestate, then it will be up to the court to make the assignment.

Although the executor may not be officially assigned until the court appointment, that person should be made available immediately to assist in issues that may arise, such as:

  • emotional support
  • sibling rivalries
  • managing heirs expectations
  • dealing with estranged relatives/spouses

If the executor is not a family member, that person could be very helpful managing family issues like the last three examples.

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