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Step 6: notify government entities

Cancel the deceased’s driver’s license, identification card, voter’s registration, and passport to prevent fraudulent use, and notify Social Services or local courts as circumstances require. These notifications are required in addition to earlier notifications made to Social Security, local police, and the US Post Office, as described in Topic: First Days after Death.

Activity 1
Gather Information and Make List of Government Entities to Contact

  • Locate the deceased’s driver’s license, identification card, and passport.
  • Gather copies of the death certificate and court appointed papers.
  • Gather contact information for the necessary government agencies.
  • Determine if there other agencies to contact. Are there outstanding parking tickets or handicap tags?
  • For court proceedings such as lawsuits, contact an estate attorney for legal advice.

Activity 2
Notify Government Entities and Make Cancelations

Use the following documents as tools to construct requests for cancelation:

To cancel a driver’s license or voter’s registration, a copy of the death certificate is required. Cancelation of voter’s registration is done in the county in which the deceased lived. A driver’s license may be kept for posterity, destroyed, or included with the cancelation request.

To cancel a passport, include an original death certificate and the original passport with the request for cancellation.

If the decedent was not a U.S. citizen, notify the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service at 800-375-5283.

We know that making notifications is not a pleasant task. Know that your efforts go far to protect the identity and financial affairs of your loved one.

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